Coaching Session Bundle: 5 x 30min Sessions

100.00 75.00

Get answers to your technical questions, feedback on work in progress, brief demonstrations on technique, and more, all without leaving your home or studio! This coaching session bundle is an ideal add on to any video tutorial and a handy supplement or alternative to studio classes. Simply make your bookings and I’ll be in touch regarding setting up an appropriate video link for the sessions. Please use the booking form to create the appointments, indicating also your objectives for the sessions, then pay through the checkout system.

Note: Multiple dates may be selected on the calendar, however only a single time slot may be selected in the booking form for these dates. To choose different time slots for different days you will need to make separate calendar bookings. Note also that times already booked on the calendar appear when hovering over the date. You will see remaining available times in the Time Slots section of the booking form.

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