Summer Art Camp! 12 – 16 July, 2-5 pm


Theme: ‘Spirit Animals’ (Ages 9 – 18)

Drawing inspiration from cave paintings, rock carvings, modern art, photographs, comic books and animations, students will embark on a week of drawing, printmaking, painting and book binding. All materials provided. The 3 hr sessions will incorporate:

  • chalk drawing and street sketching in Asna Square
  • observational drawing of natural objects and animals
  • imaginative drawing of ‘spirit animals’
  • etching or linocut prints and / or paintings based on drawings
  • ‘nature prints’ (printing from impressions of leaves, flowers and patterns into ink)
  • making of a concertina book including prints and / or paintings
  • 15-20 minute break in Asna Square (please pack snacks & drinks)

To bring:

  • sketchbook and pencils
  • drink and snacks
  • old clothes / apron (ink can be messy!)

The ‘Spirit Animal’ art camp has been designed as a fun week of imaginative learning; students create their own drawings, prints, paintings and designs whilst learning about other cultures and art forms. By chalk drawing their ‘spirit animals’ in Asna  Square they also get a taste of making public art in and for the community. The art camp is suitable for ages 9-18. The projects set can be approached realistically (we will look at paintings and photographs of animals), imaginatively (we will look at early modernists, such as Marc Chagall and Franz Marc) or stylistically (looking at rock art and cave paintings from ancient cultures).

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