Junior Art Camp! 15 – 18 July, 3-6 pm (ages 9-13)


‘Faeries and Gargoyles!’ (Ages 9 – 13)

Drawing inspiration from fairy tales, book illustration, manga and medieval gargoyles, students will embark on a week of drawing, printmaking, painting and book binding. All materials provided. The 3 hr sessions will incorporate:

  • observational drawings of faerytale illustrations.
  • Lino-cut prints and etchings, and / or paintings based on drawings
  • making of a concertina book or story board including prints and / or paintings

To bring:

  • sketchbook and pencils
  • old clothes / apron (ink can be messy!)

The ‘Faeries and Gargoyles!’ art camp has been designed as a fun week of imaginative learning; students create their own drawings, prints, paintings and designs whilst learning about other cultures and art forms. The art camp is suitable for ages 9-13.

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