Summer Painting Intensive! 29-30 July 2023


Portrait and Figure Painting: 2 day intensive course, 10-1pm & 2-5pm, Saturday – Sunday.

12 hours of instruction | 1 canvas included | video recording of demonstrations to take home 

Over two days participants will undertake a ‘master-copy’ after Rembrandt or Ribera, focusing on a portrait or figure study. Participants will learn the fundamentals of underpainting, the importance of an imprimatura base, the partial merging of subject and ground, and the organisation of space according to masses of shadow and light. Through the second stage, participants will learn about colour selection and mixing, application and blending, how to create sharp and soft edges, the use of impasto and ‘broken strokes’. All sessions will be aided by individual assistance/critique, and instructor demonstrations, which will be video recorded and sent on to participants after the workshop.

Note: although participants will be creating ‘master-copies’, the aim is to create, in the time-frame, a ‘study’ of any degree of finish, which enables the learning of processes described. Whilst participants do not need prior oil painting experience, experience in drawing is recommended.


One canvas and reference material will be supplied. Participants will need to bring: oil paints, brushes, turpentine, linseed oil, two lidded jars, j-cloths (or cotton rags). Colours: raw umber, raw sienna, burnt sienna, yellow ochre, cadmium red (or vermillion), naples yellow, white, black. Recommended beginner brands: Winton, Evans. Higher quality brands: Windsor and Newton, Michael Harding, Old Holland. Please avoid unbranded ‘starter packs’ from supermarkets!

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