Classical Oil Painting & Drawing | Tues | Wed | Fri

Suitable for beginners to advanced. Tuition centers on observational drawing and traditional oil painting techniques, via still life, portrait and figure studies. Studies of master works and personal projects are also incorporated. Tuition is tailored to individual needs, interests and levels. Modules:

  • Cast drawing
  • Monochrome cast painting
  • Still life composition
  • Baroque master copy
  • Portrait
  • Figure composition

Printmaking | Tues | Wed | Fri

Suitable for beginners and ideal for anyone who loves to draw. Students are introduced to the fundamentals of intaglio and relief printmaking, exploring several disciplines, including drypoint etching, monoprint and linocut. The school is equipped with a professional Rolloco etching press, mini school etching press, book press, lino and etching tools. Plates, paper, ink and lino can also be purchased from the studio. Modules:

  • Linocut 1 (single layer)
  • Linocut 2 (multi-tone)
  • Linocut 3 (multi-colour)
  • Monoprint 1 (single layer)
  • Monoprint 2 (coloured ground)
  • Monoprint 3 (cut outs)
  • Drypoint (acetate)
  • Drypoint (copper)

Junior and Senior Cycle Program (ages 9-18) | Tues | Wed | Thurs | Fri

Junior and Senior Cycle students engage in a range of activities, including observational drawing, cut-out collage, lino-cut, drypoint etching, mono-print and oil painting. Tuition is tailored to individual levels and preferences, with advanced modules available for senior cycle students. Ideal for juniors and seniors with a flair for drawing and a strong desire to learn and create. Modules:

  • Drawing
  • Collage
  • Linocut
  • Monoprint
  • Drypoint
  • Oil painting (advanced)
  • Portfolio Presentation (advanced – Leaving Cert Students)

Home School Stream (ages 9-18) 

Add structure and tuition to your homeschooling; students may enrol in any of the Junior Program sessions. Learning modules can be tailored individually, especially for senior students preparing for Leaving Cert or equivalent diplomas. Covers everything in the Junior and Senior Cycle Program.

Professional Development Stream

Enrol in any program! Professional development is integral to any industry or discipline and art is no exception! If you’re a practicing artist, teacher, or both this stream may be for you. You can receive guidance in studio practice, improve your skills and add entirely new disciplines to your repertoire – for the classroom, studio or both. You can enrol in any program; simply let us know your objectives on enrolment.