Video Tutorial Course: “The Golden Pieta”

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This is a 5-part video-tutorial course, aimed at guiding you through a layered figure painting study, over a 5 week period. The course includes 5 x 20 minute videos, showing real-time painted process, notes, materials sheet and a high resolution photograph, all downloadable upon enrolment. “The Golden Pieta” is our first video tutorial course and is being offered for free, for a limited time only. 30 minute coaching sessions may be purchased separately and integrated into the course (see Online Coaching Sessions, under Enrolment).

The course is structured as follows:

PIETA PART 1: Oil sketch & underpainting (first layer), base colour mixing.

PIETA PART 2: Second layer, ‘dry brush’ layering, colour mixing, lighter tints.

PIETA PART 3: Second and third layer, dry brush, colour mixing, lighter tints.

PIETA PART 4: Third layer and highlights, glazing, dry brush, colour mixing.

PIETA PART 5: Highlights, glazing, dry brush, colour mixing.

OPTIONAL COACHING SESSIONS: 30 minute coaching sessions are available as a separate purchase, and may be integrated with your video tutorial program. Coaching sessions are a time to ask questions, get feedback and advice on any suggested changes or improvements. It is suggested to schedule coaching sessions following each completed stage of your painting.


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